Group Buy Policy

※This is a "Group Buy" pre-order※

A group buy (GB) is a preorder used to crowd fund the manufacturing of a product. It is similar to the concept of a kick-starter campaign. The products offered as "GB" "group buy" or "pre-order" on this site are not in stock and have not been manufactered. Orders will be charged now, but it will be several months before the product is shipped. Please the Geekhack page on group buys.

By purchasing this item you acknowledge that:
- You are buying a spot in the group-buy
- Your order cannot be canceled or refunded
- Items purchased as a pre-order are not in stock and have not yet been manufactured
- You will be charged now, but shipping will not occur until after manufacturing
- The expected ship date is an estimate and may change
- The group buy may experience set backs and delays