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The Kousa TKL is an ortholinear keyboard pcb that uses 1.5u Ergodoxian modifier keys. It is designed to fit in TKL cases. It is based on the H88c pcb outline.

There are 3 variations to choose from. "Slotted" variants are prototypes that were made with slots for stabilizer holes instead of three overlapping drill holes. Stabilizers will still function, but they require more care and fitment when installing. 7u, 6u, and 3u-1u-3u are not affected by this and are the same as the "production" spacebar configurations. You can choose to have hotswap sockets in either the 1.5u vertical modifier locations, or the 1u center column locations.

The Kousa TKL pcb 1.5u is the "production" version of the board. It is only available in 1.5u, but it has footprints for 1u center columns. It can be converted, but it requires desoldering and soldering hotswap sockets.

PCB Features

  • Powered by QMK, VIA compatible
  • RP2040
  • ESD Over-Current Protection
  • Khail Hotswap Sockets
  • Edge cuts for some o-ring boards*
  • RGB Underglow
  • Breakaway USB-C receptacle
  • PCB (and FR4 plate)thickness/color: 1.6mm/White
  • JST connector for daughterboards**
  • Rotary encoder position at the F13 position.
  • Layouts

    1.5u Layout Options ⌨

    1.5u version can be converted to 1u version and vice versa, but it requires desoldering and resoldering hotswap sockets.

  • 2u, 3u, 6u, 7u Spacebar support
  • Warning! Clip-in stabilizers or screw-in stabilizers can be used for 7u and 6u spacebars. Screw-in stabs are required for 3u and 2u stabilizer because the holes overlap and cannot be secured with clip-ins. For a 3u-1u-3u layout, clip in stabs are required due to hotswap socket obstructing the inner stabilizer screw holes.but it
  • Some of the switch locations on the 1u version require some switch legs to be trimmed if using 5-pin switches.

  • More Pictures

    Tiger Lite with ePBT Grand Tour
    Freebird TKL with GMK Space Cadet

    ⟲ Check here for status updates

    **Tested and working on C3 Unified daughterboard. JST cable and daughterboard are NOT included.