[EXTRAS] Krado66 PCB

[EXTRAS] Krado66 PCB

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PCB Features

  • Powered by QMK, Vial compatible (*VIA compatible)
  • USB-C (Center mount)
  • ESD Over-Current Protection
  • Khail Hotswap Sockets
  • Encoder support (5 locations, 3 channels)
  • RGB Underglow
  • Layouts

    Multiple alternate configurations supported:
     ♦ Stepped Caps Lock
     ♦ Spit Space (1.25u – 2.25u – 2.75u and 2.75u – 1.25u – 2.25u)
     ♦ 65% Standard bottom right mods (1u x 3) or blocker (1.25u x 2)
     ♦ Vertically aligned right modifiers (with two splitable 2u backspace locations)
     ♦ 1.75u Right Shift
⌨ Layout Options ⌨

More Pictures

Check out the Interest Check over on Geekhack for more pictures!

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*For VIA support you must reflash the PCB using the the hex file on the Discord server or by creating your own in QMK.

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