[Extras] Promenade PCB and Plate

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The Promenade is an ortholinear keyboard that uses 1.5u Ergodoxian modifier keys. It is designed to fit in many 60% cases. This is an independent remake of the Boardwalk PCB with some additional features.

There are 5 variations to choose from. You can choose to have hotswap sockets in either the 1.5u vertical modifier locations, or the 1u center column locations. You can also choose between a board that has a USB-C port, or one that does not ("DB" for daughterboard). The DB version has cutout for an o-ring mount where the USB-C port would normally be (for Bakeneko V3).

The last variation is a prototype 1.5u USB-C board. Internally, it is the same and has all of the same features as the production versions except some of the edge cuts for gummy o-ring mounting points, the corner standoff holes, and ground pads near some of the mounting points. It will run on the same firmware file as the others.

PCB Features

  • Powered by QMK, VIA compatible
  • ATMega3u4
  • ESD Over-Current Protection
  • Khail Hotswap Sockets
  • Edge cuts for some o-ring boards*
  • RGB Underglow
  • PCB (and FR4 plate)thickness/color: 1.6mm/Black
  • JST connector for daughterboards**
  • PCB renders for reference


    1.5u Layout Options ⌨

    1u Layout Options ⌨
    *1.5u version can be converted to 1u version and vice versa, but it requires desoldering and resoldering hotswap sockets.

  • 2u, 3u, 6u, 7u Spacebar support
  • Warning! Clip in stabilizers will only work on 7u and 6u spacebars. 3u and 2u stabilizer holes slightly overlap, making it impossible for them to be secured properly. Screw in stabs are therefore recommended.
  • Some of the switch locations on the 1u version require some switch legs to be trimmed if using 5-pin switches.
  • FR4 Plate Layouts

    More Pictures

    Promenade in TinyNeko
    Promenade in Ryloo Studio "Hello" M0110

    Check out the Interest Check over on Geekhack for more pictures!

    ⟲ Check here for status updates
    ⟲ Geekhack GB Page (Awaiting Approval)

    *The edge cuts are designed to fit many common gummy o-ring 60% boards like the Bakeneko (both Cannonkeys version and Bakeneko V3/Ciel. It will not fit the Kei V1, and it will not fit the dn60 without Dremeling away the 6u stabilizer holes. Because the switches in the corners are a bit farther from the sides of the board, the friction fit of the gummy o-ring may not be as tight as a normal PCB. There are M2 standoff holes in the corners to expand the o-ring if desired

    **Tested and working on C3 Unified daughterboard. JST cable and daughterboard are NOT included.