8XBW Ortho TKL PCB and Plate Combo


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8XBW Ortho TKL

The 8XBW is the precursor to the Kousa TKL. It is based on the design of the KBDFans 8X MKII PCB by ai03. It is tested on working in the KBDFans 8X MKII. I do not know of other cases it will work in. It does NOT work with KBDFans 8X MKIII or MKI.

This combo comes with the PCB and the plate. No, you cannot get a discount for ordering only the PCB, they are sold together.

PCB Features

  • Powered by QMK and an ATmega32U4
  • USB-C (Underside mount between F12 and Print Screen keys)
  • ESD Over-Current Protection
  • Khail Hotswap Sockets
  • RGB Underglow
  • Black, 1.6mm thickness
  • Plate

  • Black, 1.6mm thickness
  • Layouts

    This PCB is based off of the KBDFans 8XmkII PCB and is designed to fit in that case. I do not know of other cases that will fit this PCB or plate. ⌨ Layout Options ⌨

    Pictured keycaps, switches, and stabilizers are not included and are not affiliated with this product. Images are mean to give a general idea of the completed kit.